Stagecoach House Inn - Public Investigation

Address:  1136 Main Street, Wyoming, Rhode Island
Layout:    12 guest rooms, 2 utility rooms, 4 offices
Claims:    Apparition of a man walking a dog, Object manipulation, Sounds of Children
Investigation Date:  7-8 March 2011

Historical Information:
This structure was originally built as a Tavern by Francis Brown in 1796.  "Brown's Tavern" was also commonly known as the "Halfway House" due to it being halfway between New London, CT and Providence, RI. In 1815, the New London Turnpike was completed and the tavern became well known as an overnight stop.  About this same time, the tavern became the social center for the community.  Stagecoaches would stop at the tavern and people, especially children, would run to greet the stagecoach driver.  Stagecoach drivers at that time enjoyed "celebrity" status.

In 1846, the tavern burned but was reconstructed and up until 1925 contained 26 rooms and was 150 ft in length.  In 1925, 40 ft of the eastern half of the building was removed to make room for a concrete roadway.

The only tragedy uncovered during our research was of a boy, John Worden, who was killed in a fire in an adjoining mill on April 20, 1899.  The local paper reported he lit a match to see in the dark and became trapped in the ensuing blaze.  Only his bones were found in the rubble.

Possible Paranormal Evidence Obtained:

1. No video or photographic evidence was obtained.

2. EMF in the location was within normal limits and no anomalous readings were noted. 0-.2mg

3. Audio Evidence - Three EVP are offered here. However, 12 EVP were captured in all. These are what we feel are the top three.

a.  In a guest room, a female is heard whispering.  female whipser.mp3 

b.  In one of the guest rooms, we believe a voice says "Thank you" after the investigator jokingly challenges someone to push her out of her chair.  thankyou.wma

c.  In the yet another guest room, what appears to be a door latch and boots walking on a wooden floor are heard.  Note:  All walking areas at the Inn are carpeted or have carpet runners. Also, only one guest was staying at the Inn and was in his room the entire night sleeping.  doorlatchsteps.mp3

Post Investigation:

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