Scope of Services

SearchLight Paranormal Investigations offers a wide variety of services to residential and commercial clients all at no cost. Some of our services include:

Residential Investigations: No matter how large or small your home, our team is ready to assist you in seeking answers to your problem. We believe that many of the events you may be experiencing can be attributed to natural causes. If this is the case, we will attempt to find those causes and help put your mind and those of your family at ease.

Our team will prepare a written report and provide all evidence collected if it does appear you have a legitimate haunting.  Our team will also assist to answer all your questions regarding your case. However, our services don’t stop there! We will be available to you even after the investigation should you need us.

Commercial and Historical Location Investigations: Investigations of this type are usually done to confirm or deny rumors of a haunting at a workplace or historical location. Examples of this type of investigation include old schools, hotels, factories, mills, etc.

Public Speaking/Lectures: Members of our team would be delighted to come speak at your function. We will answer your questions and provide your group with education on our methods of investigation. This service can be used to help raise money for your charity. We also network with other groups around the country allowing you access to specialized speakers.

Research Services: Our team has the ability to conduct in-depth research into the background and history of every location investigated using public and private records, associate specialists, and other resources. This research helps to provide a more comprehensive picture of each investigation.

Evidence Review Services: We will be happy to review any evidence you may have collected. Our team and associates from specialized fields can help you to identify the possible source of your evidence.

Public Events/Fundraising Workshops: Occasionally, we raise funds for our group, fund other public ventures, or help raise money for historical societies and other non-profit organizations. This is when YOU get the chance to join us on a “real-life” investigation.

Our team of investigators will conduct a short training workshop on investigating and will instruct you and your group in the following areas:

  • Philosophy and objectives of an investigation.
  • Equipment used during an investigation
  • Evidence review process – providing examples of “real” evidence captured by our team
  • Final report process and continued support to the client

After our workshop, our team will guide you through a “real” investigation. These are very educational and a lot of fun. These events are advertised on our website so keep a look out for them.

If you have any questions regarding our Scope of Services, please feel free to call or email at anytime; we'd be happy to discuss them with you!  And as always, our services come at no cost to the client.

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