Current Staff in Good Standing  (updated: 28 Mar 2012)

Staff / Investigative Team Members:

David I. Grist
David holds dual degrees in both Business Administration and Air Traffic Control.  He is a former military air traffic controller having served 14 years in both the Air Force and Army. He is  technically savvy having worked as a software consultant for GTE Corporation. Dave has always had an avid interest in the paranormal since an early age.  David lives in Warwick, Rhode Island.
Kevin A. Grist
Kevin is Sales Director for iMoneyNet responsible for the domestic and offshore sales teams. He has worked in the institutional money fund business for more than seven years. Prior to joining iMoneyNet, Kevin was employed by Fidelity Investments where he served in various roles including market manager and institutional sales representative. Kevin resides in Taunton, Massachusetts.
Yxchel Foy
Yxchel holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico in Early Childhood Education.  She's always shown an interest and respect for the paranormal from an early age. Aside from being a linguist she has an incredible ear for EVP. Originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, she currently lives with her husband in Gales Ferry, Connecticut.
LynnDee Tortolanni
LynnDee grew up in Hawaii where she attended college and received a BA in Liberal Arts.  She's currently a supervisor for Rhode Island's E-911 system. LynnDee has always been interested in the paranormal which peaked when her family started experiencing activity in their own home.  She currently resides in Warwick with her family and enjoys karate and uncovering mysteries through research.
David I. Grist III
David holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Rhode Island.  An avid sports fan, he has recently found another interest; paranormal investigation and its effect on the human psyche.  David resides in Warwick, Rhode Island and is employed by a private academy in East Freetown, Massachusetts as a counselor for young adolescents.
Meaghan A. Healey
Wildlife Expert/
Meaghan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife Conservation from Unity College in Unity, Maine.  Meaghan loves everything about the outdoors and nature. She is currently preparing to return to school to pursue a Masters Degree.  Meaghan has always had an interest in the paranormal and is a huge horror film fan.  Meaghan lives in Warwick, Rhode Island.
Pastor Dennis Kohl
Spiritual Consultant
Pastor Dennis Kohl holds degrees in Greek and Philosophy from Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania and a master’s degree in Theology from Weston Jesuit Seminary in Cambridge, Massachusetts where his area of study was the New Testament.  Pastor Kohl also attended the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia and graduated in 1974. He now serves as Pastor of Pilgrim Lutheran Church in Warwick, Rhode Island.
Investigators in Training:    
Sally Schroth    
Bethany Doyle    
Jennifer Megna    
Jennifer Pretorius    


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