How an Investigation Works

Our typical investigation process is accomplished in six (6) phases any of which may be repeated to provide satisfaction to our clients.  These phases are:

Application Phase:

This is the initial step of the investigative process.  You, the client, submits an Application for Investigation.  We will set up an appointment with you to meet you personally to begin the process.

Preliminary Investigation Phase:

Once your case is selected for further study, members of our team will visit with you to perform an initial preliminary investigation.  They will conduct an in-depth interview and may take photographs, video, audio recordings, and perform other research during this phase.  Off-site research will also begin during this phase to discover as much information about the location as possible. 

Investigation Phase:

Searchlight will bring a team of qualified investigators into the location to perform a thorough investigation.  This may take place during the day or night depending upon your particular situation.

The lead investigator will meet with you prior to any set up of equipment.  During this meeting the  lead investigator will quickly review the case a second time, collect any additional information regarding the location, and ask you to sign a form giving our team permission to investigate your property.

Once given permission to investigate, the team will safely, quickly, and efficiently set up a variety of equipment in order to begin our investigation in a timely manner.  At no time will we put any of your personal belongings or property at risk of damage.

During the investigation, the team will work in groups of two.  This ensures their safety as well as the safety of your property.  Through the use of special equipment, the team will use a variety of techniques to research your location thoroughly.

Upon completion of the investigation, the team will break down the equipment and leave the premises in the same condition in which it was found.

Please note:  This is the most time consuming phase of the entire investigative process.  Please allow approximately 7-10 hours for this phase.  The client may be present on the premises during the investigation or they may leave.  Although we prefer a sterile environment, it's your property and we will respect any decision you make in this regard.

Research/Discovery Phase:

During this phase the team will inspect and evaluate all the evidence collected up to this point in the investigation.  Collaboration with various colleagues and consultants may take place during this phase to obtain the best possible analysis of all the data collected.  We may also ask client if we can make a return visit to clarify any issue we may have (this would not involve the entire team).  This phase should take approximately 1-2 weeks depending upon the amount of data collected, collaboration necessary, and other circumstances.

Final Report Phase:

In the final phase, Searchlight will assemble a final written report and portfolio of data collected during the investigation.  Although scientific data may be collected, we will make every attempt to ensure your report is readable in laymen's terms.

The lead investigator and/or a designate will meet with the client to present and review the final report and data portfolio.  At this time, the client and lead investigator may discuss the information contained in the report.  After this final meeting takes place, your case may be suspended or closed.

Continued Support Phase:

Just because your case has been suspended or closed does not mean you will never hear from Searchlight again.  By this stage in the process we have gotten to know you and your particular case very well.  We will continue to support your needs in whatever form we can.  Whether it's a simple phone call, email, or an entire repeat of  the investigation,  we will do what it takes to ensure your total satisfaction.  Our clients become a part of our family during an investigation and your satisfaction is our guarantee.

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