Purpose of Equipment Used:

Searchlight Paranormal services uses a variety of photographic, audio and scientific equipment on each investigation.  This equipment allows SearchLight to obtain and record possible anomalous activity and also allows us the best possible coverage on each case.

This collected evidence coupled with the extensive research, field study, personal interviews, and eyewitness accounts allows us to assemble a thorough and comprehensive final report to our clients.

Video Equipment:

People often ask, "Why do paranormal investigators always film in the dark?". The simple answer is that complete darkness allows for the other senses of the body to operate at full capacity. We rely on our eyesight as the major means of receiving data from the world around us. Investigating in the dark allows our other senses to notice things such as smells or sounds that normally we would not pay attention to and this is where the night vision cameras come into play.

We use Sony video exclusively because Sony is the only company to sell or build 100% true night vision products outside of the United States Military. While not as powerful as Russian or American Military night vision cameras, they are more than adequate for paranormal research.

Digital Video Recorder
Our DVR system is a high quality stand alone digital video recording surveillance system.  It has a 500GB hard drive that allows us to capture high quality real-time video.  It displays 4 cameras onscreen and can record and search at the same time.
Digital Video IR Camera
These cameras offer a
versatile security solution that suit both indoor & outdoor applications. These cameras provide color images during the day then automatically switch to black & white night vision mode in the dark. Sees in the dark up to 60ft.
Sony-SR45 CamCorder
The Sony SR-45 captures up to 10 hours of video on a 30 gb internal hard drive.  Other features include: 0 Lux night shot, 40x optical zoom, 2000x digital zoom; Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar lens, 2.7-inch widescreen touch-panel Clear Photo LCD, and Built-in zoom microphone with 5.1-channel recording


Sony-a350 DSLR Camera
The Sony - a350 is a feature-packed mid-range DSLR.  It
combines superb 10.2 MP quality, a high quality DT 18-70mm f3.5-5.6 standard zoom lens, and Live Preview in a large tilting 2.7" LCD monitor for point-and-shoot simplicity. Super-quick AF response, 3 fps continuous shooting, and high sensitivity (ISO 3200) for great low-light shots.
Canon PowerShot A590 IS Digital Camera
The PowerShot A590 IS is a power-packed 8.0-megapixels Digital camera. It features a 4x optical zoom, an Optical Image Stabilizer, a large 2.5-inch LCD, and blur reduction technology.  A range of shooting modes - from manual to automatic including Canon's new Easy Mode - make picture-taking carefree. Wide or telephoto converter lenses may be added.
Sony HVL-IRM  Infrared (IR) Video Light
The Sony HVL-IRM Infrared Emission system is for shooting in total darkness it has an adjustable light output and shooting ranges of 3 to 20 meters. Basically, the system is designed to add more infrared light to the existing nightshot/night vision cameras and attaches to the bottom of the camera via the tripod dock.

Audio Equipment/Software:

At Searchlight we use only the best personal audio recording devices available made my either Sony or Olympus.  These digital recorders allow us to record up to 144 hours of clear audio.  During the post investigation evidence review process, we use computer software to perform detailed forensic analysis of each recording.

Olympus VN5200-PC
Features up to 144 hours of recording time. Ability to transfer files from recorder to PC using a USB transfer cable.  High quality compression for easy file movement. Records in 3 modes: HQ,SP, and LP.  High level microphone sensitivity.
Radio Shack Omni-Directional Mini-Mic System
When worn by the investigator on the shoulder, the mini-mic system allows the investigator to obtain recordings in a 360 degree pattern.  


Scientific Equipment:

Our scientific equipment can detect everything from electromagnetic fields to shifts in an electromagnetic field to temperature fluctuations and atmospheric pressure differences.  This equipment is used in paranormal investigations because some investigators have found that when paranormal activity is present, changes in any of the before-mentioned can occur.  This equipment helps us to record these fluctuations.  This data coupled with other data collected can substantiate or debunk possible paranormal activity.

Mel-8704R-Vibe ProNavigator 
The Mel Meter Model 8704R  is an intelligent microprocessor based instrument specifically designed for paranormal investigation The Mel Meter incorporates various different features that are combined into a durable unit designed to be operated with only one hand. The Mel Meter is the only instrument on the market to be able to record EMF and Temperature simultaneously. The EMF feature can operate in a standard or “burst” high speed mode, and will measure extreme low frequency (ELF)as low as 30Hz.  The 8704R also features a vibration sensor.   This instrument is quickly becoming the paranormal investigators tool of choice.
K2 - Meter
This handheld device is a special type of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) detector. An EMF detector locates and tracks energy sources, and picks up on fluctuations in electromagnetic fields in the surrounding environment. It is believed that when an anomaly is present, it disrupts this electromagnetic field.  This instrument unlike the Mel meter, can only operate in the 50Hz range.
30mW Shadow - Laser
This device creates a grid around a room in order to assist investigators in detecting shadows and/or mists.  A variety of grid patterns may be utilized with this device.

Motion Sensors
Motion alarms give the investigative team the ability to monitor many different areas of an investigation site without having to station video cameras and/or investigators in every room.  Feature and effective range of 82 ft. and a > 90° field of view.

Other Equipment Disclaimer:

SearchLight Paranormal may make use of other investigative/scientific equipment during an investigation if such equipment is deemed necessary for the successful execution of the investigation.  Clients will be notified of the intended use of such equipment before an investigation begins.

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